Celtic-Plus Proposers' Day

Präsentation und Diskussion neuer Projektideen
Datum 25.06.2014
Ort Berlin, Kalkscheune

The Celtic-Plus Proposers' Day is a meeting platform for presenting suitable new project ideas to a broader audience of experts, to discuss your ideas and to network with them for building a potentially strong project consortium. Presented project ideas should comply with the Celtic-Plus Purple Book research topics. The proposals should be targeted for the Celtic-Plus Autumn call 2014 (15 October 2014). Participation is free of charge (only Proposers' Day on 25 June!).


Nationale Konferenz IT-Sicherheitsforschung 2017 "Selbstbestimmt und sicher in der digitalen Welt" findet vom 14. bis zum 16. Februar 2017 in Berlin statt.

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