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Nationale Konferenz IT-Sicherheitsforschung

04.01.2017: Vom 14.-16.02.17 lädt das BMBF unter dem Motto "Selbstbestimmt und sicher in der digitalen Welt" nach Berlin ein.

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Smart Service Welt - Konferenz am 25.11.2016
Smart Service Welt - Konferenz am 25.11.2016

3.11.2016: Das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie lädt zum Austausch über Smart Services ein.

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Analysing Innovation + Technology

analysing innovation and technology

We provide a valuable basis for decision-making.

Political and economic decisions need to be based on experts' knowledge.

Our Institute of Innovation and Technology (iit) pools many of our competencies for the analysis, evaluation and prognostication of technologies, markets as well as social and political developments in the field of technology.

We offer a broad range of scientific services.

  • We prepare and conduct studies and analyses.
  • We conduct accompanying research.
  • We evaluate programmes regarding technologies and innovations.
  • We identify lead technologies and develop roadmaps.
  • We provide consultancy for the evaluation and implementation of results.

We would be pleased to work out customised analyses for you, too. Please don't hesitate to contact us any time.


Accompanying research Autonomics

The accompanying research of the technology programme AUTONOMIK examines the projects of the programme. Its aim is to guarantee a high-standard quality of the project’s results. The incentive here lies in the establishment of market success as well as a successful introduction of technology-based process and production innovations. Additionally, it aims at a rise in the level of efficiency of the implementation of the production-enhancing methods. The identification and distribution of success factors to strengthen the German economy are also a part of the programme. The VDI/VDE-IT is the official contact.

about Autonomik (only in German)

BerTa - Evaluation of the funding programme for highly talented people of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research in the field of "Professional talents"

Professional success and personality development have their roots in life-long learning and further education of the individual. Two programs of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research are heading for talented people to support them in their efforts to further educate: "Promotion of talented people - further education in the profession -  further education scholarship" (started in 1991) and "Promotion scholarship" (started in 2008). The Institute for Innovation and Technology  iit together with the Institute for Education and Socio-Economic Research and Consulting (FiBS) are in charge of evaluating the programmes to further develop these.

Challenges and conditions for clusters and networks in the creative sector

Berlin Senate Department of Economics, Technology and Research

The creative sector is turning more and more into an accelerator for competitiveness and a driving force for structural changes. It is characterised by diversity and a high number of very small enterprises. The Institute for Innovation and Technology iit developped a concept for a model of indicators to measure the performance and evaluation of clusters in the creative sector in Europe.

ESCA – The European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis

European Commission

The European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA) supports cluster managers and policy makers with advice on cluster development. ESCA experts have developed a methodology for cluster benchmarking that has been widely acknowledged in Europe. Since 2007 they have benchmarked more than 600 cluster management organizations. Being also involved in the European Clusters Excellence Initiative (ECEI) ESCA experts contribute to the development of tools that support cluster managers on their way to excellence.

More about ESCA


Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Founders from universities receive support in laying the necessary groundwork (product or service development until marketability, market surveys, design and development of strategies) for their start-up schemes.This aims at the development and implementation of a realistic business plan. The VDI/VDE-IT evaluates the incoming drafts from the information and communications technology sector on behalf of the project executing organization PTJ.

about EXIST (only in German)

Implementation of the rules for admission and crediting of training regulations

The Institute for Innovation and Technology iit together with the Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training f-bb examines the implementation of the rules for admission and crediting of training regulations.

Map of clusters and cluster database - Structural overview of clusters in Baden Württemberg

Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing Baden-Württemberg

The map of clusters as well as the corresponding database give an overview of the more than 130 cluster initiatives. Due to a common set of criterias it is possible to compare the clusters. VDI/VDE-IT has the editors role as well as the responsibilty for the further development of the database.

Visit the database

ProFIT – Funding programme for research, innovation and technologies

Senate of Economics, Technology and Women of the City of Berlin

Berlin’s senate administration for Economics, Technology and Women funding activities in the technological field are concentrated in ProFIT. VDI/VDE-IT supports the Investment Bank Berlin in implementing the programme – especially with regard to the assessment and the accompaniment of projects. This includes R&D as well as market introduction projects.

Qualification offers and -needs for the offshore wind industry in Northern Germany

Free Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Authority of Economics, Transport and Innovation together with Offshore Windenergy Foundation

To gain an overview of current qualification and education needs in the area of off-shore windenergy in Northern Germany the Institute for Innovation and Technology iit is preparing a position paoper, is organising a workshop, monitors the current suppliers of qualification and is evaluating the expertise of intermediary organisations.

Research Campus - Public-Private Partnership for Innovation

VDI/VDE-IT together with Fraunhofer ISI undertakes the accompanying research for the BMBF funding initiative "Research Campus - Public-Private Partnership for Innovation". In a Research Campus universities, research institutes and businesses join forces in order to work under one roof and on equal terms on future-orientated research topics. The accompanying research promotes active interaction between the Research Campus, broadens the knowledge base on public-private partnerships and monitors the development of the Research Campus initiative. Thus identified best practices are reflected back to the Research Campus members and prepared for publication to the general public.

Website Research Campus

Reviewer for the High-Tech Gründerfonds

High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH

VDI/VDE-IT supports the High-Tech Gründerfonds in investment-decisions into technology-oriented start-ups by assessing the start-up-projects. The criterias are: score of technological innovation, market opportunities and business strategies.

More information on High-Tech Gründerfonds in German