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Nationale Konferenz IT-Sicherheitsforschung

04.01.2017: Vom 14.-16.02.17 lädt das BMBF unter dem Motto "Selbstbestimmt und sicher in der digitalen Welt" nach Berlin ein.

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Smart Service Welt - Konferenz am 25.11.2016
Smart Service Welt - Konferenz am 25.11.2016

3.11.2016: Das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie lädt zum Austausch über Smart Services ein.

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Funding Innovation + Technology

funding innovation and technology

We make every funding programme a success story.

Funding programmes strengthen the German and European research and industrial location.

As project manager, we support and advise the Federal Government, the Federal States as well asthe EU in employing public funds efficiently for innovations and technology.

Our services include the entire process of funding management:

  • We inform and raise interest among research and industry.
  • We evaluate applications for funds rapidly and expertly.
  • We supervise and manage the funded projects and networks.
  • We manage the outflow of funds and the controlling of fund allocation.
  • We develop thematic priorities.
  • We provide consultancy in questions of financing, funding and innovation.

We would be pleased to assist you, too, in all questions concerning the subject of funding. Contact us for further information!   


Communication Systems; IT Security

This project management focuses on issues regarding the security of modern communication systems. Data is only accessible to authorised persons, systems should not be able to be manipulated and should be available in every demand situation. Associated with that is the demand to protect the users’ privacy and the confidentiality of information. It is necessary to already consider approaches for IT security in the development phase of mobile and networked communication systems.

Competition Advancement by Education: Open Universities

This competition aims at promoting university concepts which enhance accessibility of academic education for experienced workers, integrate newly gathered knowledge and thus, ensure the long-term supply of qualified workers. Concepts for extra-occupational degree programmes, degree programmes with extended professional experience phases or programmes aimed at lifelong learning can be submitted. The submitted concepts should address people with family commitments, returnees to the job, university drop-outs, unemployed academics or working Bachelor-alumni – and also include persons without the formal qualifications needed for accessing universities. Project administrator is VDI/VDE-IT.

Health management: Bio/Pharma

Health management contains all goods and services that are used in health care and is one of the most significant economic sectors in Germany. This especially applies to the branches of pharmaceutical and biotechnology: in relation to the turnover the most capital is invested in R&E. New scientific insights, therapeutic possibilities and future perspectives as personalised diagnostics and therapy promote development. The BMBF gives important impulses to contribute to the success of risky and complex research work and to refine their results to the patients’ benefit. VDI/VDE-IT is project manager together with VDI-TZ.

Human-Machine Interaction for Demographic Change

The better technology can adapt to humans, the more diverse the opportunities of Human-Machine Interaction become. The better technology is customised for specific scopes of action as well as for the variety of abilities and interests, the more urgent ethical and legal research questions come up. The technological research aspects affect crossover technologies of information technology, microsystem technology, sensors as well as those of various application fields. VDI/VDE-IT is project manager.

IKT 2020 Focus Electro Mobility

Electro-mobility has great potential to become an essential part of the future mobility system in Germany. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) therefore provides funding for the development of key technologies for high-quality, innovative vehicles that are fully or partially electrically driven. A major hurdle on the way towards electro-mobility is the relatively short travel range. In the interests of an efficient use of the available energy, the funding programme does also take account of topics such as weight reduction (lightweight construction) as well as energy and thermal management by the use of high-performance components. Apart from supporting research co-operations between science and industry, another focus lies on the promotion of initial and further education. VDI/VDE-IT has been assigned as programme managing organisation.

Information and Communication Technology for Production Processes

To make production processes cost- and energy-efficient, productive and flexible is the aim of the research programme. The focus is set on simulation- and assisting systems that have cognitive abilities as well as adaptive Human-Machine-Interlinks. VDI/VDE-IT is organising the research programme and the knowledge transfer.

Innovation Policy - data analysis for education and researchj

Federal Ministry of Education and Research

VDI/VDE-IT is in charge of numerous projects of the departments "Basic Questions of Innovation Policy", "Scientific Analysis", "Statistics", "International Comparative Analysis" and "Strategy". The continuous analysis of trends in research and technology is a major task next to the administrative care of the projects.

ITA – Innovation and Technology Analysis

Via ITA the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research supports interdisciplinary surveys about innovation potentials and technological developments, about their chances and risks and about their economical, ecological and social effects. This aims at identifying areas of technological progress favoured by the society, depicting design potentials and pointing out the scope of possible actions. Additionally the ITA-surveys are designed to detect the untapped potentials of new technologies and to develop innovative solutions for possible risks. The VDI/VDE-IT is the project executing organization for ITA.

Make Electromobility Visible (Schaufenster)

Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety, Federal Ministry for Education and Research

The Federal Government wants to combine ressources to make electromobility visible in the public. German competence in the field will be demonstrated in four large projects with the explicit task to also offer the possiblity to experience E-Mobility to the general public.

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Microsystems in Bavaria support programme

In the Microsystem Technologies support programme the Bavarian State Government supports medium-sized companies in enhancing and applying this key technology. The joining of different functions and technologies in very small spaces creates intelligent integrated systems. The programme is intended to speed up the application of these systems in new products and therefore to further enhance the competitive capabilities of Bavarian companies. The VDI/VDE-IT supports the Microsystems Support Programme professionally and organizationally.

about microsystems in Bavaria (only in German)

National Contact Point for Microsystems Technologies

The objective of the National Contact Point (NCP) for Microsystems Technologies is to simplify access for German participants to projects of the research programme, especially SMEs. This contributes to the intensification of their participation in European projects. The NCP also facilitates an efficient representation of German MST actors’ interests on a European level, through its incorporation in the EU’s direct information flow as well as providing feedback from European projects for the BMBF. VDI/VDE-IT functions as the national contact point for the research programme Microsystems Technologies.

Renewable Mobility

To help reaching the targets of the climate-change and energy policy of the transport sector the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety is supporting an electric fleet testing. Effects on the environment and climate will be measured and research and development projects developped. It is furthermore target to connect electromobility with the use of renewable energies. VDI/VDE-IT is in charge of the project management.

More about the project

Research programme “Organic Photovoltaics & Dye Solar Cells”

Baden-Württemberg is one of Europe’s leading photovoltaic sites. The aim of the programme of the Landesstiftung Baden-Württemberg gGmbH is to improve the efficiency of solar cells and secure long-term stability. Further foci are the analysis of mass production processes through established print procedures and the development of new solar cell concepts on flexible beamers and large areas.  The state wants to secure options for the economic utilization of organic photovoltaic through the contract research. VDI/VDE-IT is responsible for the programmatic execution on the content and organizational level and the main contact for applicants.

Support Programme Information and Communications Technology Bavaria

The Bavarian State Government supports research institutes and companies in developing, enhancing and applying these future technologies via the Information and Communications Technology in Bavaria support programme. This is intended to speed up the application of information and communications technology in new products and solutions and thus to strengthen Bavaria as a high-tech location. The VDI/VDE-IT is the project executing organization of the programme and therefore manages the whole application and project process.

about the programme (only in German)

Top Cluster MicroTec Südwest

MicroTec Südwest is one of the five winners of the second round of the top cluster competition of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. To play on international top-level regional clusters form startegic partnerships. Members of the clusters are enterprises, scientific institutions and further actors. VDI/VDE-IT accompanies the clusters.

to the top-clusters

Validation of the innovation potential of scientific research – VIP

The promotion programme VIP invites scientists to check their research results with respect to their economic value and economic use. The project is designed for universities and research institutions that are completely or partially financed by the federal state. As project manager, VDI/VDE-IT receives an up-to-date overview of the state of play of practically-orientated application research in Germany.

about VIP (only in German)

ZIM - Central Innovation Programme SME

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

The Central Innovation Programme SME is the base programme of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. It concentrates on market-orientated promotion of the innovative mid-sized economy in Germany. In different modules, R&D cooperation projects, network projects as well as innovation-supporting service and consultancy are promoted. The VDI/VDE-IT is commissioned with the module ZIM-Nemo (initiation of regional networks) and ZIM-SOLO (single projects).

about ZIM (only in German)