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Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 2015

17.02.2016: A new publication about smart systems for green and automated driving is out now. Available at Springer-Verlag.

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Out now:  Road Vehicle Automation 2
Out now: Road Vehicle Automation 2

07.07.2015: This paper collection is the second volume of the LNMOB series on Road Vehicle Automation. The book contains a comprehensive review of current technical, socio-economic, and legal perspectives written by experts coming from public authorities, companies and universities in the U.S., Europe and Japan.

















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Organising Innovation + Technology

organising innovation and technology

We are putting innovation policy into action.

It is the aim of innovation policy to bring the innovative power of research and industry to bear.

As office, network and process manager, we support our clients in developing and implementing their activities.

  • We manage offices and contact bureaus for public programmes.
  • We organise accompanying measures to remove innovation barriers.
  • We organise competitions in the field of innovation policy.
  • We are concerned with setting up and managing networks related to industrial policy.
  • We provide consultancy for innovation policy.
  • We inform and network small and medium-sized enterprises, inter alia, by offering workshops and conferences.

We would be pleased to support your innovation project as well. Contact us!

Project Examples

ClusterAgentur Baden-Württemberg

Die Anfang Oktober 2014 eingerichtete ClusterAgentur Baden-Württemberg unterstützt die regionalen Cluster-Initiativen im Land. Dadurch wird die Weiterentwicklung und Professionalisierung in den strategischen Wachstumsfeldern des Landes vorangetrieben. Die ClusterAgentur wird durch die VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH in Zusammenarbeit mit Baden-Württemberg International und der Steinbeis Beratungszentren GmbH betrieben.

ClusterAgentur Baden-Württemberg

Editing of the Federal Report for Research and Innovation

The Federal Ministry for Education and Research has the lead in the bi-annual federal report on research and innovation. The report gives an overview on research-, technolpgy and innovation policy in Germany and the European Union. Since 2008 VDI/VDE-IT is in charge of editors role.

Read the Federal Report on Research and Innovation

EPoSS – European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration

The technology platform EPoSS is a cross-application network with its focus on smart systems and micro-nano integration. Public and industrial stakeholders from this field are brought together here. The incentive is to establish durable structures and initiatives, which further the European innovation policy and research environment. Since 2005, VDI/VDE-IT has been responsible for the management of the EPoSS’ agency.

about EPOSS

ESCA – The European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis

European Commission

The European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA) supports cluster managers and policy makers with advice on cluster development. ESCA experts have developed a methodology for cluster benchmarking that has been widely acknowledged in Europe. Since 2007 they have benchmarked more than 600 cluster management organizations. Being also involved in the European Clusters Excellence Initiative (ECEI) ESCA experts contribute to the development of tools that support cluster managers on their way to excellence.

More about ESCA

Founder Contest – IKT innovative

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is supporting the start up of companies, which focus on products and services in the information and communications technology sector, via the Founder Contest – IKT innovative. The biannual contest awards considerable prizes as seed money for the start up. All winners receive an individual coaching, according to their needs. The VDI/VDE-IT organizes the award on behalf of the ministry.

about the Founder Contest (only in German)

go-cluster: excellent networks!

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Technology

The active fostering of clusters and cluster-management is continuous goal of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. "go cluster" acts as a synonym for a forward looking cluster policy, gives input for improvement of cluster managements, fosters innovative service-concepts and is shaping cluster policy in Germany and Europe. VDI/VDE-IT is in charge of the implementation of the program.

Information about funding schemes in "go cluster"in German

Hightech-Strategy: Further Development and Implementation

VDI/VDE-IT reviews and evaluates relevant sienstific papers in connection with the Hightech-Strategy, organises workshops and events to support the Federal Ministry for Education and Research in this field.

IoT-i: Internet of Things-Initiative

The project IoT-i is a co-ordination measure. It aims at bringing together the fragmented group of parties which is involved in the development of the Internet of Things. These parties come from the industry, research and public institutions. The measure is intended to quicken the transfer of research concepts and results into marketable solutions. VDI/VDE-IT is a strong partner within the project and is responsible for the community building and the communication work. Further partners are SAP, Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Telenor.

about IOT-i

Map of clusters and cluster database - Structural overview of clusters in Baden Württemberg

Ministry of Finance and Economics in Baden-Württemberg

The map of clusters as well as the corresponding database give an overview of the more than 130 cluster initiatives. Due to a common set of criterias it is possible to compare the clusters. VDI/VDE-IT has the editors role as well as the responsibilty for the further development of the database.

Visit the database

National Contact Point for Microsystems Technologies

The objective of the National Contact Point (NCP) for Microsystems Technologies is to simplify access for German participants to projects of the research programme, especially SMEs. This contributes to the intensification of their participation in European projects. The NCP also facilitates an efficient representation of German MST actors’ interests on a European level, through its incorporation in the EU’s direct information flow as well as providing feedback from European projects for the BMBF. VDI/VDE-IT functions as the national contact point for the research programme Microsystems Technologies.