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Road Vehicle Automation 3
Road Vehicle Automation 3

20.07.2016: This edited book comprises papers about the impacts, benefits and challenges of connected and automated cars.

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Hybrid and Electric Vehicles - The Electric Drive Commutes
Hybrid and Electric Vehicles - The Electric Drive Commutes

20.06.2016: International Energy Agency published the new annual report.

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Best Practice

Energy Efficient ICT in Practice

The brochure 'Energy Efficient ICT in Practice' providing Information on planning and implementation of GreenIT measures in data centres and offices.

The brochure is available at

Versandservice des Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Energie, Scharnhorststraße 34-37, 10115 Berlin, Bestell-Fax: (01810) 27 22 721, Telefon: (030) 18 27 22 721


Here you can download the brochure 'Energy Efficient ICT in Practice' (PDF)

Let’s make a Perfect Cluster Policy and Cluster Programme – Smart Recommendations for Policy Makers


Thomas A. Christensen, Thomas Lämmer-Gamp, Gerd Meier zu Köcker

You can download this publication free of charge here.

Download PDF (3.16 MB)

Sharing knowledge and gaining new markets: Practical guide on “Innovation Management in Networks”

This practical guidebook is the result of the Kompetenznetze Deutschland initiative's working group innovation management. The managers of the 15 participating networks share their day-to-day experiences that were gathered in 2010 and 2011, critically reflected and systematized.

Published in 2012, free of charge

Download PDF (1.0 MB)

mst|femNet meets Nano and Optics – Nationwide Girls-Technics-Talent-Forums in MINT - mäta

mst|femNet meets Nano and Optics – Bundesweite Mädchen-Technik-Talente-Foren in MINT – mäta

Beyond the structures of the public educational system, there are manifold gender-sensitive offers in order to get girls into technical or nature science topics. However, it is characteristic of this inofficial educational sector for mathematical, information, nature and technical studies to have several projects unconnected to each other. It is therefore impossible for the synergy potential of this educational sector to unfold. The projects “mst|fem Net meets Nano and Optics - Nationwide Girls-Technics-Talent-Forums in MINT – mäta” shows the ways a pooling of existing activities is possible if all involved parties agree on a joint intention.

Published in 2011, free of charge, only in German

Buhr, Regina / Kühne, Bettina (Hrsg.)

Please click here to download free of charge.

Download PDF (3.01 MB)

Textbook Microtechnology: For Apprenticeship, Studies and Further Education

Lehrbuch Mikrotechnologie: für Ausbildung, Studium und Weiterbildung

Microtechnology is a core technology of the 21st century. Its influence on the use of materials, processing techniques as well as on development and design of products and processes is great. The application potentials of microtechnology have by far not been exploited, we can anticipate numerous innovations in the years to come. Thus, the demand for young people seeing their future profession in microtechnology and bringing along interest and fun is great. This textbook offers contents for the theoretical education of microtechnologists in 13 learning  fields.

Published in 2011, only in German, 39,90 €

Globisch, Sabine et al.
ISBN 978-3446425606

A39,90€vailable at bookshops

European Clusters go International – Networks and clusters as instruments for the initiation of international business cooperation

This paper points out the benefits of the internationalisation of clusters and highlights the key success factors leading to an effective internationalisation strategy of clusters.

2011, free of charge

Meier zu Köcker, Gerd / Müller, Lysann / Zombori, Zita

You can download this publication free of charge here.

Download PDF (0.34 MB)

Internet of Things – guideline on technical, organisational, legal and security-relevant aspects in the implementation of RFID-based processes in economy and administration; BMWi publication 581, Berlin.

Internet der Dinge - Leitfaden zu technischen, organisatorischen, rechtlichen und sicherheitsrelevanten Aspekten bei der Realisierung neuer RFID-gestützter Prozesse in Wirtschaft und Verwaltung; BMWi-Publikation 581; Berlin.

Besides the bar code, RFID technology for the identification of all kinds of objects is increasingly winning acceptance. Unambiguous identification connected with the possibility of making available, at any place and anytime, additional information associated with the object, has already led today to efficient processes, new products and innovative services. If objects are additionally equipped with sensory capabilities and options for localisation, autonomous, quasi-intelligent applications are likewise possible. In the guideline prepared for the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, ways of reliable and safe use in economy  and administration are pointed out.

2009, free of charge, only in German


Botthof, Alfons

The guideline can be downloaded free of charge here.

Download PDF (1.25 MB)

Guideline – Evaluation in the Economy

Leitfaden - Evaluation in der Wirtschaft

The guideline "Evaluation in the Economy" from the Arbeitskreis Wirtschaft (working group on economy) within the Gesellschaft für Evaluation (DeGEval e.V.) is meant for companies, associations of companies and chambers as well as those persons who are responsible for, control, develop or carry out strategic measures of change. The guideline aims to familiarise the economic community with evaluation in the economy as an appropriate and expedient method for the solution of entrepreneurial problems. The guideline thus serves as a brochure introducing the subject of evaluation and makes clear which application fields in a company are suited for an evaluation and which aspects have to be taken into account in the individual phases of such an evaluation.

2008, free of charge, only in German 

Kerlen, Christiane / Kind, Sonja (Hg.)
ISBN 978-3-941569-04-1

The guideline can be downloaded free of charge here.

Download PDF (0.42 MB)

Quality Enhanced Cluster Management. A New Indicator Based Peer Review Approach for the Mutual Development of Cluster Organisational Excellence

The management of clusters is of key importance for successfully achieving the corresponding goals of innovation policy and for the sustainability of the clusters concerned. QUALITY ENHANCED CLUSTER MANAGEMENT (QECM) represents a practical approach to implementing a quality-oriented cluster management. Based on a mutual peer review and concrete indices, interested cluster managers can initiate active steps towards a quality-oriented cluster management and thereby improve the overall cluster performance. The concept presented here is addressed to managers and coordinators of regional networks and clusters. QECM has already met with a wide response and has been taken into consideration, for example, in the current cluster communication of the European Commission.

2008, free of charge

Meier zu Köcker, Gerd / Hahn, Peter / Buchholz, Birgit

The publication can be downloaded free of charge here.

Download PDF (3.07 MB)

QUALITY FRAME. A Fact based peer Review Approach for the Mutual development of organisational Excellence

The quality of the management of public programmes plays a major role for the successful attainment of the associated political goals and for the sustainability of the respective programmes. QUALITY FRAME points out a practical approach and concrete steps towards implementing a quality-oriented programme management of public funding programmes. QUALITY FRAME is addressed to innovation agencies, technology centres or project managers acting regionally, nationally or internationally.

2008, free of charge

Hahn, Peter / Buchholz, Birgit / Meier zu Köcker, Gerd

The publication can be downloaded free of charge here

Download PDF (3.07 MB)