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Hybrid and Electric Vehicles - The Electric Drive Commutes
Hybrid and Electric Vehicles - The Electric Drive Commutes

20.06.2016: International Energy Agency published the new annual report.

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Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 2015

17.02.2016: A new publication about smart systems for green and automated driving is out now. Available at Springer-Verlag.

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Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 2015

This edited volume presents the proceedings of the AMAA 2015 conference, Berlin, Germany. The topical focus of the 2015 conference lies on smart systems for green and automated driving. The automobile of the future has to respond to two major trends, the electrification of the drivetrain, and the automation of the transportation system. These trends will not only lead to greener and safer driving but re-define the concept of the car completely, particularly if they interact with each other in a synergetic way as for autonomous parking and charging, self-driving shuttles or mobile robots. Key functionalities like environment perception are enabled by electronic components and systems, sensors and actuators, communication nodes, cognitive systems and smart systems integration. The book will be a valuable read for research experts and professionals in the automotive industry but the book may also be beneficial for graduate students.

This book is available at Springer

Herausgeber: Schulze, Tim; Müller, Beat;, Meyer, Gereon
ISBN 978-3-319-20854-1

Road Vehicle Automation 2

This paper collection is the second volume of the LNMOB series on Road Vehicle Automation. The book contains a comprehensive review of current technical, socio-economic, and legal perspectives written by experts coming from public authorities, companies and universities in the U.S., Europe and Japan. It originates from the Automated Vehicle Symposium 2014, which was jointly organized by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) and the Transportation Research Board (TRB) in Burlingame, CA, in July 2014. The contributions discuss the challenges arising from the integration of highly automated and self-driving vehicles into the transportation system, with a focus on human factors and different deployment scenarios. This book is an indispensable source of information for academic researchers, industrial engineers, and policy makers interested in the topic of road vehicle automation.

Meyer, Gereon, Beiker, Sven (Eds.)

Herausgeber: Dr. Gereon Meyer; Dr. Sven Beiker (Stanford University), 2015
ISBN 978-3-319-19077-8

This book is available at Springer

Electric Vehicle Business Models

Electric vehicles are a global phenomenon. Global in that every corner of the planet is affected by the environmental, energy security and health imperatives for increased adoption of electric vehicles. Global in that the challenges and opportunities this presents are universal to governments and industry worldwide. Global in that achieving this transformation requires a holistic system of innovative technologies, policies and business models.

This book therefore sets out to explore these global perspectives. It presents insights from around the world and across the  network of organisations, technologies, consumers, products and services which characterise the electric vehicle ecosystem. It draws on the networks of the International Energy Agency’s Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Implementing Agreement to present commentary and case studies from experts in eleven different countries from across five continents.

David Beeton, Gereon Meyer (Eds.)
ISBN 978-3-319-12243-4 (Print), 978-3-319-12244-1 (Online)

The book is available at Springer

Enabling Things to Talk - Designing IoT solutions with the IoT Architectural Reference Model

"Internet of Things-Architecture - IoT-A"  is the first major research project which aims at creating an universally applicable architecture for the future Internet of Things on an European level – consisting of hardware, software, network and further components. The project ended 2013. The VDI/VDE-IT co-ordinated the projects in which the German industry has been strongly represented. The publication shows the results of the project.

2013, 349 p., 131 illus.

Bassi, A., Bauer, M., Fiedler, M., Kramp, T., Kranenburg, R., Lange, S., Meissner, S. (Eds.)
ISBN 978-3-642-40402-3

The book is available at Springer-Verlag for € 53,49.

More about IoT-A

Study: Supporting care recipients with technical assistance systems

This study’s aim is to name technical assistance systems which improve the home care situation of care recipients, avoid or delay treatment in hospitals and are suitable for entering the benefits catalogue of the social care insurance. Six assistance systems were identified based on extensive researches, a semi-quantitative benefit assessment, a cost-benefit assessment and a practice-oriented expert workshop. Finally, these assistance systems’ product-specific sales potentials for the target care recipients have been estimated. Generally, it appeared that the investment in technical assistance systems is profitable, not least because this could enable a longer independent life at home.

2013, free of charge, only in German

VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH: Christine Weiß, Maxie Lutze, Diego Compagna; IEGUS – Institut für Europäische Gesundheits- und Sozialwirtschaft GmbH: Dr. Grit Braeseke, Tobias Richter, Meiko Merda

You can download this study free of charge here.

Download PDF (2.2 MB)

Trend study: Electric Mobility in Japan

Japan is considered to be the pioneer and the most advanced market for electric mobility. This study considers the technological stage of development and the realisation of innovations in the field of electric mobility in Japan and considers market-based, political and social frameworks which are relevant for the expansion of electric mobility. It especially focuses on the change that Japan’s economy has been going through due to the ongoing globalisation in the last few years. One of this study’s goals is to identify business opportunities and perspectives to establish cooperations and commercial relationships with small and medium-sized businesses in Germany.

This study was published in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH and the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Japan.


2013, free of charge, only in German

VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH und und Deutsche Industrie- und Handelskammer in Japan: Dr. Frauke Bierau (VDI/VDE-IT), Bastian Lidzba (AHK Japan), Dr. Gereon Meyer (VDI/VDE-IT), Dr. Beate Müller (VDI/VDE-IT), Marcus Schürmann (AHK Japan)

You can download the study free of charge here.

Download PDF (7.35 MB)

Clusters are Individuals – New Findings from the European Cluster Management and Cluster Program Benchmarking, Vol. II

There is no all-round solution for clusters. They are liable to specific conditions and therefore need an individual approach to promote growth and competitiveness. This is the result of the comparison of 261 cluster management organisations.

2012, free of charge

Lysann Müller, Thomas Lämmer-Gamp, Gerd Meier zu Köcker,Thomas Alslev Christensen
Download PDF (3.09 MB)

Let´s make a perfect cluster policy and cluster programme

The report moves forward in the field of the development, improvement and fine-tuning of cluster policies and cluster programmes. It reflects the common state-of-the-art thinking of a large number of policy makers and experienced European cluster programme owners and pursues the ambitious target to create the perfect cluster programme.

Thomas A. Christensen, Thomas Lämmer-Gamp, Gerd Meier zu Köcker
Download PDF (3.16 MB)

Clusters Are Individuals – Creating Economic Growth through Cluster Policies for Cluster Management Excellence

Many countries use clusters and networks as an instrument for their research and innovation politics. Its management is a significant factor of success which decides on the influence of clusters and networks on the development of an economy. The cluster management organisation is entitled to main importance. Only when it defines goals and activities and has the required resources and organisation structures for successful work, it is able to support its members effectively and give important impulses to successful innovations through networking the actors.

2011, free of charge, only in English

Lämmer-Gamp, Thomas/ Meier zu Köcker, Gerd/ Alslev Christensen, Thomas

You can download this publication free of charge here.

Download PDF

Cluster Monitor Germany: Trends and perspectives of businesses in regional networks and clusters

Cluster Monitor Deutschland: Trends und Perspektiven von Unternehmen in regionalen Netzwerken und Clustern

Regional networks and clusters experience national and international continuous high attention in politics and the economy. In the same way that regional networks and clusters establish themselves and are promoted by the public sector, the need of reliable information about their effects. The office of the initiative Kompetenznetze Deutschland used this as an opportunity to develop the “Cluster Monitor Deutschland” (CMD).

2012, free of charge, only in German

Kind, Sonja / Meier zu Köcker, Gerd / Nerger, Michael

You can download this publication free of charge here.

Download PDF (1.56 MB)

Multimodal sensors – concepts for recognizing and shaping of the environment

Multimodale Sensorik – Konzepte zur Umwelterkennung und –modellierung

The study “Multimodal sensors” was created in the framework of the AUTONOMIK accompanying research of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. Central demand of the study is the further development of sensors, sensor systems and environment detection modules. These combine increasingly the knowledge of cognition research as well as the latest knowledge of optics and mechatronics and have suitable interfaces for middleware available.

2012, free of charge, only in German

You can download the study free of charge here.

Download PDF (1.07 MB)

ANIS Report Indonesia: Summarising Report of the Determinants of the Indonesian Innovation System

The maturity level of an NIS as well as the performance of its actors may be improved by means of policy measures addressing either individual determinants or groups. As the determinants are often linked to each other the degree of improvement can even increase and leave a higher impact in the entire NIS. The ANIS approach also contains a portfolio analysis which compares the required effort and the potential impact of certain determinants, especially those that are below average in a given country. One scale represents the "efforts needed" in terms of capability to provide public funds, investments in infrastructure and human resources, policy reluctance, structural changes, etc. The other one represents the "expected impact" in terms of improved framework conditions or improved innovation capacity of the actors. This approach provides a quick and comprehensive picture of the main scope of interventions. As a result of these findings, specific policy measures addressing these determinants can be formulated.


You can download this publication free of charge here.

PDF Download

Facets of demographic change – New views on a social process of change

Facetten des Demografischen Wandels – Neue Sichtweisen auf einen gesellschaftlichen Veränderungsprozess

The demographic change shapes federal politics as well as business planning. It is an existential top issue in many communities and regions. This publication does not want to explain the demographic change as a complete phenomenon but takes a look at facets of it which are not in the discussion’s focus. These include topics as assisted care in future, assistance robotics for an aging society, a new internet for older people, demographic change as a catalyzer of information society or the European perspectives of research.

2011, free of charge, only in German

Wehrmann, Christian et. al.

You can download the study free of charge here.

Download PDF (0.85 MB)

Continuity, stability and efficiency – how networks and clusters can be sustainably successful

Kontinuität, Stabilität und Effektivität - Wie Netzwerke und Cluster nachhaltig erfolgreich sein können!

The publication explains, by practical examples, the theoretical bases of the highly complex topic “Sustainable Networks”. In addition, networks are presented which have implemented sustainable strategies within different contexts of their network structures, internal processes or their network activity (e.g. financing, overcoming of regional limits of growth, long-term involvement of members, extension of portfolio of services).

2010, free of charge, only in German

Buhl, Claudia Martina

You can download this publication free of charge here.

Download PDF (5.25 MB)

Summary Report on the Determinants of the Local Innovation System of Manaus, Brazil

The Institute for Innovation and Technology analyses the determinants of the local innovation System of Manaus, Brazil

only in englisch or portuguese


Helmut Kergel; Lysann Müller; Michael Nerger
Download PDF (1.18 MB)

High-technology business start-ups – antecedents and support of start-ups with special regard to the multimedia sector

Hochtechnologie-Gründungen - Gründungsgeschehen und Gründungsunterstützung unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Bereichs Multimedia

Company start-ups, particularly in the high-tech sector, are of great importance for the national economy and for funding policies, because they are designed to maintain competitiveness and to speed up growth. This book analyses current funding instruments for encouraging and supporting business start-ups and examines their specific features and impact.

2010 free of charge, only in German                  

Kerlen, Christiane / Prescher, Sandra / Wiedemer, Volker
ISBN 978-3-89750-164-5

You can download this book free of charge here.

Download PDF (1.56 MB)

Fomentando los Sistemas Nacionales de Innovación en Centroamérica – Estrategia de Sistemas Nacionales de Innovación para Honduras y Guatemala: Hacia una Agenda de Innovación Regional – Programa Desarrollo Economico Sostenible en Centroamerica DESCA/GTZ

The study conducted on behalf of the GTZ (Society for Technical Cooperation) describes systems of innovation in Honduras and Guatemala (additionally in El Salvador) as well as approaches to a Central American innovation platform. On this basis, measures are being developed to strengthen players and constellations.

2010, free of charge

The study is exclusively available in Spanish. 

Bovenschulte, Marc
ISBN 978-3-89750-166-9

The study can be downloaded free of charge here.

Download PDF (1.82 MB)

Smart Home in Germany – study within the framework of scientific support for the Next Generation Media Programme (NGM) of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

Smart Home in Deutschland - Untersuchung im Rahmen der wissenschaftlichen Begleitung zum Programm Next Generation Media (NGM) des Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Technologie

The brief study “Smart Home in Germany” was worked out in the context of accompanying research on the programme Next Generation Media of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. It is concerned with the relevant current initiatives for the intelligent, networked home in Germany and with barriers to a successful market introduction.

2010, free of charge, only in German        

Strese, Hartmut / Seidel, Uwe / Knape, Thorsten / Botthof, Alfons
ISBN 978-3-89750-165-2

The study can be downloaded free of charge here.

Download PDF (1.2 MB)

Business starters’ competitions as an instrument of start-up funding

Gründungswettbewerbe als Instrument der Gründungsförderung         

Competitions of business starters have become established in Germany as an important instrument in the repertory of encouraging and funding start-ups. The results of the study are based on investigations within the framework of the impact analysis of “Business starters’ competition – Starting successfully with multimedia” – a high-tech specific instrument to encourage and support start-ups funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.                 

2010, free of Charge, only in German      

Kerlen, Christiane / Prescher, Sandra
ISBN 978-3-89750-163-8

 You can download this study free of charge here.

Download PDF (0.8 MB)

Current status and prospects of R&D cooperations of innovative companies with the Republic of Korea

Stand und Perspektiven für FuE-Kooperationen innovativer Unternehmen mit der Republik Korea

Within the framework of the study conducted at the beginning of 2009, minor innovative companies from Germany were questioned in an online survey about their experiences and/or expectations and wishes concerning cooperations with Asian partners, especially partners from South Korea. The emphasis was on factors of success for and barriers to such cooperations.

2010, free of charge                 

Meier zu Köcker, Gerd / Kergel, Helmut / Garnatz, Liane

You can download the study free of charge here.

Download PDF (0.55 MB)

Clusters as instruments for the initiation of R&D activities between Germany and Korea

Cluster als Instrumente zur Initiierung von FuE-Aktivitäten zwischen Deutschland und Korea

Within the framework of a study conducted in 2009, a contribution is made to strategic considerations of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) if and in what form existing innovation networks and clusters in Germany and South Korea can initiate sustainable R&D cooperation’s in the interests of their affiliated companies. The emphasis of the study is on the description and evaluation of the Korean cluster landscape regarding the openness of Korean cluster-based R&D cooperations with Germany.

2010, free of charge

Meier zu Köcker, Gerd / Garnatz, Liane

You can download the study free of charge here.

Download PDF (1.44 MB)

ICT enabled independent living for elderly. A status-quo analysis on products and the research landscape in the field of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) in EU-27

We are living in the midst of unprecedented changes: the European Union is faced with rapidly ageing societies while the number of younger citizens is shrinking at the same time. This demographic change will have a major impact on the national economies and health systems. New information and communication technologies for elderly people shall play a crucial role in solving future challenges.

2010, free of charge                 

Dr. Gaßner, Katrin / Conrad, Michael
ISBN 978-3-89750-160-7

The study can be downloaded free of charge here.

Download PDF (2.61 MB)

The situation of skilled labour in AAL activity fields – outlook on basic and further training

Die Fachkräftesituation in AAL-Tätigkeitsfeldern - Perspektive Aus- und Weiterbildung

It is the aim of this study to get an impression of the current and future demand for skilled labour in different establishments concerned with AAL-relevant tasks. The important point is to identify first approaches to the question in what way qualification requirements will develop and where barriers exist. The results are intended to give the AAL community, but also policy-makers and the interested public, orientation for planning further training measures and to encourage them to create networks between the relevant players from economy, science and education with a view to generating mutual benefit.

2009, free of charge, only in German

Buhr, Regina
ISBN 978-3-89750-159-1

The study can be downloaded free of charge here.

Download PDF (1.32 MB)

Innovation studies and indicators. Lack of information in conditions of abundance of information

Innovationsstudien und Indikatoren. Informationsmangel in der Informationsfülle

The study presents the most important results of the project “Development of a database-assisted platform for the provision of statistical data related to innovation”, conducted jointly by VDI/VDE-IT with FiBS and NordLB/Regional Development for the BMBF. An assessment of needs showed that an increasing number of studies were being conducted on the pertinent fields of innovation which are available online, but can hardly be researched with reasonable expenditure. Nevertheless, there is a high demand for an easy and free access to the studies – often financed with public funds – on future innovation fields.

2009, free of charge, only in German

Kind, Sonja / Wessels, Jan (Hg.)
ISBN 978-3-89750-151-5

The study can be downloaded free of charge here.

Download PDF (0.77 MB)

The Egyptian Innovation System. An Exploratory Study with Specific Focus on Egyptian Technology Transfer and Innovation Centres

In order to successfully stand up, in the long run, to global competition, the North African countries, too, have recently begun to devote their attention to the topic of innovations and the building of a functioning innovation system. In this regard, Egypt has assumed a certain pioneering role in comparison with other North African states. The study shows what kind of contribution technology centres in Egypt can make in the context of innovation and technology transfer.

Hahn, Peter / Meier zu Köcker, Gerd

The study can be downloaded free of charge here.

Download PDF (0.57 MB)

Technical training for everybody. A neglected key element of innovation policy

Technische Bildung für Alle. Ein vernachlässigtes Schlüsselelement der Innovationspolitik.

The study takes stock of the situation of technical training in Germany in the areas of infant education, school education, vocational training, university education and adult education. It identifies interfaces between the individual fields of education and develops first approaches to understanding technical training no longer as an isolated matter in the individual links of the educational chain, but as a process of education that is networked and interlinked in many ways.                         

2008, free of charge, only in German

Buhr, Regina / Hartmann, Ernst Andreas (Hg.)
ISBN 978-3-89750-150-8

The study can be downloaded free of charge here.

Download PDF (10.11 MB)

Development of competencies in high-tech fields – New ways for scientific further training

Kompetenzentwicklung in High-Tech-Feldern – Neue Wege für die wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung

The study takes up a key complex of questions of innovation policy which have repeatedly been the subject of debate in the innovation group on further training of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.             

2008, free of charge, only in German

Kriegesmann, Bernd / Kublik, Sebastian / Schwering, Markus G. / Botthof, Alfons

The study can be downloaded free of charge here.

Download PDF (8.21 MB)

Technical skilled labour and managerial personnel in the field of sensor technology and measurement engineering: problems and strategies to overcome them

Technische Fach- und Führungskräfte in der Sensorik und Messtechnik: Problemlage und Bewältigungsstrategien

The sensor technology, measurement and testing systems industry is an all-encompassing field of innovation making available key components and tools to manufacturers of end products of many different industrial branches. The study elucidates the scope on which this industry, dominated by SMEs, is affected by the increasing shortage of skilled and managerial personnel.

2008, free of charge, only in German

Künzel, Matthias / Hartmann, Ernst A.

The study can be downloaded free of charge here. 

Download PDF (6.97 MB)

German-Polish Network-based R&D-Co-operation. Enablers and Barriers

Practice shows that international R&D cooperations between SMEs can be facilitated if they are initiated and supported systematically and purposefully by networks. The important point here is that the networks interested in cooperations have comparable stages of development and goals. Taking selected Polish and German networks as an example, it is shown where there exist especially high cooperation potentials, but also barriers, in the field of network-based R&D cooperations between Poland and Germany. The study is rounded off by examples of successful bilateral network cooperations.

2008, free of charge

The study can be downloaded free of charge here.

Download PDF (1.86 MB)

Sale of innovative products by small and medium-sized enterprises

Vertrieb innovativer Produkte durch mittelständische Unternehmen

The results of the study made by VDI/VDE-IT aim to show SMEs ways of selling their products successfully and also to give suggestions to policy-makers to create overall economic conditions and an environment propitious to SMEs.

2009, €49.90, only in German

ISBN 978-3-89750-157-7

ISBN 978-3-89750-157-7

Market potential of security technologies and security services

Marktpotenzial von Sicherheitstechnologien und Sicherheitsdienstleistungen

The study was made on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi), jointly with VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH (VDI/VDE-IT) and the Working Group for Security in the Economy, Inc (ASW). It shows that the market for security technologies and the products and services based on them is a market with sustainable growth opportunities for German industry. These opportunities reside particularly in its high system capability, but also in its competency in the use of high technologies.

2008, free of charge, only in German

The study can be downloaded free of charge here.

Download PDF (4.12 MB)

An Empirical Based Insight View on Emergence, Financing, Management and Competitiveness of the Most Innovative Clusters in Germany

Regional networks and clusters are playing an increasingly important role in Germany from the point of view of innovation policy, which is also due to the fact that there are a number of successful examples of good network and cluster developments. They differ, however, considerably in their structure, goals and performance. This document analyses the 100 or so most efficient regional networks in their structure, financing development and importance of their founding history and network management as well as in terms of the influence these parameters exert on the networks’ overall performance.

2008, free of charge

Meier zu Köcker, Gerd

The study can be downloaded free of charge here.

Download PDF (2.19 MB)

Cluster Monitor Deutschland: Trends und Perspektiven von Clustern in Deutschland Erhebungsrunde Nr. 1

Regionale Netzwerke und Cluster erfahren national und international anhaltend hohe Aufmerksamkeit bei Politik und Wirtschaft. Im gleichen Maße wie sich regionale Netzwerke und Cluster etablieren und seitens der öffentlichen Hand gefördert werden, steigt der Bedarf an verlässlichen Informationen zu deren Wirkungen. Dies wurde zum Anlass genommen, den „Cluster Monitor Deutschland“ (CMD) zu entwickeln.

Dieser wurde erstmalig vergangenen Herbst in einer Pilotbefragung getestet. Aufgrund der regen Teilnahme und der vielversprechenden Ergebnisse erfolgte im Frühjahr 2012 die erste Befragung.

2012, kostenlos erhältlich


Die Studie kann hier kostenlos heruntergeladen werden.

PDF zum Download

Clusters are individuals

Creating economic growth through cluster policies for for clustermanagement excellence

Thomas Lämmer-Gamp Gerd Meier zu Kôcker Thomas Alslev Christensen
Download PDF (5.86 MB)

Industry 4.0: Economical and business factors for Germany as a location for industry

A study by the accompanying research for the technology programme AUTONOMIK for industry 4.0

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), investments in industry 4.0 may be amortised within a period of six years: That is the result of a study by the accompanying research of the technology programme “AUTONOMIK for industry 4.0”, carried out by the Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit) in the VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH. According to the iit, the focus on the positive effects of networking possible with industry 4.0 and hitherto rarely examined, illustrate a high benefit over a medium term for SME. The study examines 65 publications related to digitisation and networking in industry production. In addition to this, an inquiry of leading experts in industry was carried out. Thus, for the first time, a summarised overview of existing publications studying and analysing the subject industry 4.0 can be presented. It is being completed by new arguments about economic affects spurred by the deepening of digital integration.

Steffen Wischmann, Leo Wangler, Alfons Botthof

2015, free of charge, only in German

Download PDF (2.87 MB)