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Augmented Strategic Research Agenda

For the Augmented SRA, altogether 78 documents were analysed. In this analysis links were identified using the “Smart filter". That way, any type of content that can affect Smart Systems was collected in these documents. Three types of results could be extracted for each of the analysed documents:

  • Opportunities for Smart Systems in the specific applications domains of the ETPs (e.g.: Transport & Mobility, Energy, ICT...) a wealth of application opportunities were identified in different sectors to enhance products, equipment, processes, services, and facilities and infrastructures with improved performance based on increased functionality provided by Smart Systems Integration.
  • Sector drivers and barriers for the use of new devices or techniques.
  • Technological Challenges (as hurdles that Smart Systems technologies should overcome) and Research Priorities (actions coinciding research themes).

These results were aggregated on the level of the sectors that the ETPs are grouped in, i.e. Production and Processes, Energy, Bio-based Economy, ICT, Transport, and Environment.

The following augmented information is available:

Smart Systems for Bio-based Economy - Augmented information
Smart Systems for Energy - Augmented information
Smart Systems for Environment - Augmented information
Smart Systems for Health - Augmented information
Smart Systems for ICT - Augmented information
Smart Systems for Production and Processes - Augmented information
Smart Systems for Transport & Mobility - Augmented information

Smart filter

Smart filter